Make Games, Use Grid, Get Paid

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Seems simple enough, right?  That’s an integral part of Plura Processing’s business model.  The new startup has secured $2 million in VC from Creeris Ventures of Houston to sell distributed network computing power.

There is an immense amount of excess computing power wasting away on everyone’s home computers. We thought a technology that could tap into that power in a safe way could be game-changing to high-performance computing and cloud computing,” Chief Strategy Officer Shion Deysarkar tells me.

Plura is partnering with Flash and Java game makers.  When people begin to play the respective Java and Flash games, a Plura client is launched locally, which connects them to the Plura compute grid.  Plura then has the ability to dispatch small bits of compute jobs to each of the individual client computers.  The game makers are essentially attracting the compute base and, in turn, they are cut into the profits.

I can already hear the security conscious in the audience cringing.  Let me say that I’m right there with you.  This is an interesting concept if implemented correctly and *carefully*.

For more info, read the full article at NYTimes here.