New research: GPU market growing despite hard times

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From DailyTech

The latest figures are in from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) on the overall GPU industry for Q3 2008. JPR reports that more than one third of computer systems shipping today use multiple GPUs accounting for some of the increased growth in the market. In Q3 2008 111 million GPUs were shipped, that is up from 91 million GPUs shipped the same quarter of 2007.

In Q2 2008, 94 million GPUs were shipped. Those numbers represent a growth of close to 18% quarter-to-quarter and 22.5% compared to last year. JPR reports that almost all GPU makers grew over the quarter. Only SiS saw a loss and Matrox didn’t grow at all.

Market dominated by Intel, NVIDIA, then AMD, in that order. AMD had the biggest growth.