SDSC Dedicates New Building

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Yesterday, the San Diego Supercomputing Center [SDSC] and the University of California, San Diego dedicated the latest key resource to assist researchers, a new building.  The new building consists of five levels and two wings in a v-shaped floorplan.  All in all, SDSC will double the floorspace to 160,000 square feet.  The machine room alone with increase to 18,000 square feet.

Today we launch the next generation of SDSC, which will help transform research and education at UC San Diego and throughout the entire UC system,” said SDSC Director Fran Berman in formally opening the modern structure, which adjoins the current supercomputer center on the northwest end of the campus.

My previous comment on ‘assisting researchers’ is not limited to those living in the San Diego area.  For those who aren’t familiar with SDSC, they are a very significant contributor to the TeraGrid, especially in the area of data intensive computing.  They currently have more archival storage capacity than any other academic institution in the world.  All 25PB worth!

This new building is much more than just concrete, steel, and glass,” said Berman, who has headed SDSC since 2001 and is a pioneer in grid supercomputing. “It’s about an exciting new world and SDSC’s potential to advance our partnerships within the University of California system, and more broadly, to advance the communities of research and education that benefit science and society as a whole.”

Great news for SDSC!  For more info on the new digs at SDSC, read the full article here.