Sun's SC08 Preview

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Thanks to the Sun HPC watercooler for this one.  Sun has posted a preview of their booth layout [booth #1021] for the SC08 show in Austin, TX.  There are a few interesting items to note.  First, many of the vendors present at the show deem it necessary to place something “interesting” in their booth in order to draw increased attention.  FusionIO fielded some sort of carnival ride last year.  I’ve seen a Porsche in Rackable’s booth and a race car in the [now defunct] Linux Networx booth.  Sun will be hosting the “Java Chopper Community Attraction.”  Er, what?  No, its not a feature of a late-night tv infomertial, but rather a motorcycle decked out in Java garb.  Neat.

Second on the list of notable items is their partner feature booths.  As most of you know, the big vendor layouts usually feature mini-booths with various partners that they work with.  There are a few listed worth mentioning.  First, I see a listing for Scale-SMP.  Does this really mean “ScaleMP?”  For those who don’t know, ScaleMP is pioneering technology to build medium-scale x86 SMP systems by pairing multiple, smaller systems together.  Does this mean Sun will be introducing machines based on ScaleMP?

Also of note is the mini-booth featuring Rocks on Solaris.  Backup, rewind!  Rocks is the ever-popular cluster management suite based on the Redhat Anaconda installer [among other things].  What is it doing on Solaris!?  Realizing they needed a solution for this, Sun ponied up the bucks to hire the Rocks gurus to port their cluster suite to the Solaris platform.  Will we see the first version of it at SC this year?  You’ll have to show up to find out.

A few speculative, yet juicy bits here.  For more info, check out Sun’s SC08 plans here.