TotalView batch and remote access debugging

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This from TotalView Technologies last week

TotalView logoTotalView Technologies…introduced the newest version of its award-winning source code analysis and error detection tool, TotalView 8.6. The new TotalView 8.6 release includes batch debugging with TVScript designed to automate test/verify/debug environments, and remote display debugging to enable developers to use TotalView across machines from any location.

The TVScript option sounds useful, but it’s been a long time since I’ve debugged code (and then it was mostly print debugging). Anyone used it?

TotalView 8.6 includes a new troubleshooting utility called TVScript, which provides TotalView users with a streamlined mechanism for automated and unattended debugging. TVScript significantly condenses the print-style troubleshooting cycle by allowing users to perform multiple runs of a single version of a program examining different variables at different locations each time without recompiling or stopping to make source edits. This enables developers to perform debugging via instrumentation and run the program without any interactive debugging session on the target machine.

Also clever, the Remote Display Client runs on Linux X86 and X86-64, Windows XP/Vista, and doesn’t require a separate license.