Voltaire Announces QDR Infiniband Switch

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For the bandwidth junkies among us, Voltaire has just announced their latest line of Infiniband switches.  The 4000 series switches will feature quad data rate Infiniband signaling at, you guessed it, 40 Gb/s.  The baby bear of the 4000 line is the 4036.  It sports 36 ports in a 1U chassis.

Improved processing power and massive scalability are critical to advancing petascale scientific simulation capabilities in a multitude of scientific and engineering disciplines, said Matt Leininger, Deputy for Advanced Technology Projects, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. Switches using QDR InfiniBand significantly increase bandwidth and messaging rates and improve switch throughput under heavy loads with adaptive routing. These advances will enable us to better utilize multicore processing technologies by efficiently scaling our Linux clusters into the thousands of nodes.

The 4036 will list around $400/port.  For the pre-decaffeinated among us, that’s ~$14,400 list.  The new switch will available this December at a Voltaire reseller near you.  Larger models will follow in Q2 of next year.

For more info on Voltaire’s new switch line, read the full release here.