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Archives for November 2008

OpenSolaris on the Top500

In yet another aftershock from the fall 2008 release of the Top500 list, Sun’s HPC blog points to the first OpenSolaris-based system to make the list.  As we all know, Linux dominates the list from clusters to crays.  The system graces the machine floor of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and bears a Fujitsu badge.  […]

Microsoft opens HPC competency center in Russia

A quickie, since this news is getting a little long in the tooth. Found at HPCwire and sent in by email: T-Platforms and Microsoft have announced the opening of a joint Competency Centre for HPC (High Performance Computing). The Centre’s primary goal is to provide users with a unique service package by two leading companies […]

InsideTrack: Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Center

Our faithful reader, Rich Hickey, delivered this great report on Butte’s Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Center, courtesy of his wife Roberta.  She was kind enough to venture out and attend the city council meeting whereat the center plans were discussed. Here is the info I got from tonight…the IBM is being delivered December 27th and it […]

World record crypto hash throughput

My friend Ilya at software maker Cilk Arts sent me an email with a pointer to a recent example application making use of Cilk’s multicore libraries, this time for the MD6 cryptographic hash We implemented MD6 for multicore processors using the CILK extension to the C programming language […] The CILK technology makes multicore programming […]

Tokyo Tech Upgrades with Tesla

The Tokyo Institute of Technology announced last week that they have upgraded their latest cluster supercomputer, Tsubame, with NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators.  Specifically, the group added 170 NVIDIA S1070 1U nodes to the cluster.  Wowzers. It took about a week to add the (Tesla S1070) units in mid-October,” said Satoshi Matsuoka, a professor at the […]

Acumem ThreadSpotter multithreaded application tool released

During SC last week Acumem announced the launch of their ThreadSpotter analysis tool Acumem ThreadSpotter is the only software analysis tool for the complete set of multi-core software issues. It helps programmers identify and eliminate multi-core bottlenecks by looking at: Multithreaded interaction Economic bandwidth usage Resourceful data handling Just as Acumem SlowSpotter, ThreadSpotter identifies an […]

SGI picks new tape library vendor

During SC08 last week storage company Spectra Logic announced that Silicon Graphics has hitched their star (exclusively) to Spectra Logic’s wagon when it comes to tape libraries Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, and Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) (NASDAQ: SGIC) announced today that Silicon Graphics has selected Spectra Logic as its tape library vendor. Due […]

MATLAB GPU engine announces next beta

AccelerEyes announced yesterday a new beta release of their software, Jacket. John Melonakos, CEO of AccelerEyes, sent me an email about the announcement and the product Jacket is a GPU engine for MATLAB.  Jacket enables standard MATLAB code to run on the GPU, connecting the user-friendliness of MATLAB directly to the speed and visual computing […]

NVIDIA Tesla announcements

There were a lot of them. The NVIDIA team was burning the PR oil long into the night. I don’t want to ignore them, but they don’t each warrant their own post either, since they are most useful as an ensemble indication of market direction. So here is a list of the press release subjects […]

Mathematica plus CUDA

NVIDIA announced last week that Mathematica 7 integrates with CUDA to take advantage of NVIDIA’s GPUs for a 10-100x boost in execution speed At SC08, Wolfram Research will demonstrate a new version of Mathematica, the world’s most powerful general computational software, that integrates CUDA®, NVIDIA’s parallel GPU computing architecture. This new version is expected to […]