AMD Announces New FireStream Accelerator

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AMD has announced their latest release to the FireStream line of accelerator cards.  The new 9270 card comes in conjunction with AMD’s free and open ATI Stream Software Development Kit version 1.3.  Now the tech specs.  The board will typically require ~160 watts of juice to pump 1.2 Tflops of single-point precision performance.  This is complemented by 240 Gflops of double-point precision.  It also has 2GB of Graphics DDR5 memory onboard.

The demands of the high-performance datacenter are intense, with dramatic increases in problem complexity and size every year. Customers need to achieve ever higher performance-per-watt and performance-per-dollar in order to address these problems with the same infrastructures. The AMD FireStream 9270 compute accelerator was designed to address all of these concerns and more,” said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of the graphics products group at AMD. “Delivering two times the double-precision floating point performance of competing offerings, and armed with 2GB of ultra-fast, ultra-high bandwidth memory, the AMD FireStream 9270 is the ideal solution for dramatically accelerating technical applications.”

For more info on the latest in accelerator hardware and software from AMD/ATi, read the full release here at HPCWire.