AMD Shanghai On Track

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AMD’s latest quad-core, high-end silicon is now shipping.  Codename “Shanghai”, the 45nm silicon is actually ahead of schedule!  AMD has not yet formally announced this Opteron revision, but industry insiders say the integrators are hurridly sucking down current production runs.

This positive launch attitude of AMD is a huge departure from the recent Barcelona follies.  The Shanghai silicon is said to beat the Barcelona performance by up to 35%.  Hopefully, with no TLB bugs.

I can see the AMD percentage of our sales increasing dramatically with Shanghai,” said Philip Pokorny, chief hardware architect for Penguin Computing (Fremont, Calif.) an integrator focused on the HPC market. “Before Barcelona our business was 70 percent AMD processors and 30 percent Intel, but there was a reversal and now I am hoping we get to parity,” he said, speaking at a panel of integrators gathered here by AMD.

Appro’s, John Lee also had this to say:

We were heavily skewed to AMD processors in 75 percent of our business since 2004, but [with AMD’s Barcelona slip] Intel has made some recent inroads,” said John Lee, vice president of advanced technology solutions at Appro International Inc. (Milpitas, Calif.), an integrator with customers including top supercomputing labs. “Our users are testing Shanghai now and seeing significant performance increases, and Shanghai will be everywhere from general purpose workstations to supercomputing solutions,” he added.

Good for AMD!  Competition in this market is a good thing. For more info on Shangai, read the full article at EETimes here.