ASU and Obsidian Announce Partnership

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ASU and Obsidian Strategics have announced a new partnership aimed at exploring faster, more efficient data transfer technologies.  These technologies will be tested and implemented at the ASU High Performance Computing Initiative [HPCI] facilities in downtown Tempe, AZ.  The two main goals of the parntership are as follows:

.: a test bed from which to further explore/optimize high-bandwidth, low-latency switching, routing and encryption technologies and applications, pushing the limits of today’s leading HPC solutions;

.: a real-world production environment capable of large-scale remote transfer of, or access to, research and scientific data sets along with geographically separated data replication (disaster tolerance for very large, valuable data sets).

In short, they’re not just driving theory, they want results. 

This partnership with Obsidian Strategics could provide ASU with bandwidth capacity that would rival any other State’s current initiative, and provide Arizona with a distinct advantage in speed and capabilities,” says Dr. Dan Stanzione, Director of the HPCI, at ASU. “ASU is very excited to be a part of this initiative that could well draw international attention to, and investment in, the growing Arizona bioscience and technology corridor.”

Obsidian’s Longbow series of long-haul Infiniband devices will serve as the core of the research.  For more info on this, read the full article here.