Butte, You're Getting an IBM

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Butte, Montana has been musing the idea of starting a local supercomputing center for quite some time.  The goal being to educated Montana residents in high technology and attract research opportunities to the area.  Well, they’ve done it.

It’s coming, it’s a done deal,” said Phillip Curtis of the Montana Economic Revitalization and Development Institute, or MERDI.

The state has officially announced they have purchased their first machine, an IBM.  The new machine is scheduled to be delivered to to MERDI, in Uptown Butte.  The machine will actually be owned by the Montana Information Technology Services Division.  The state wrote a check for roughly $500k, although officials have said that IBM delivered some deep discounts.

No official word on what the machine will be.  However, judging by the random comments in the article, it might be a single frame of BlueGene.  For more info, read the full article here.


  1. Roberta, (my better half), is currently in Butte and plans on attending one of the council meetings where this will be discussed. I’ll have an update in a couple of days. Should get all the nitty gritty on what, who, and when.


  2. Excellent! Tell Roberta I said hi 🙂