Container computing market "slow", software blamed

Print Friendly, PDF & Email has an article on container computing (think Sun’s Project Blackbox…er, Modular Datacenter) with this great quote

“The market is a little slow,” George Reitz, vice president of sales at Rackable Systems, told

“Until we see better software support then that will be the case. At the moment only the biggest or fastest companies are using them to augment existing systems.”

Right, so we knew the market was “slow” for these. But this is the first I’ve heard of software taking the blame. I’ll admit I’m at a loss to understand what software problems there could be outside of the usual pain of moving from deskside computing to supercomputing. Anyone out there shed any light on this?


  1. […] Rackable told the world that the market was “slow” at the end of 2008, and at one point there were four of Sun’s Modular Datacenters in the field that we knew of (two at the same place). Brandau wouldn’t give me hard numbers on how many HP has fielded, but she would say that sales are in double digits. When I asked her to bracket it — closer to 10 or closer to 70 — she would only say that it’s less than 70. But she did have something interesting to say about why this might be. […]