Cray and ClusterCorp Join Forces

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This just in from the SC08 show floor.  Cray has announced that they will no longer use the RedHat HPC stack on their deskside CX-1 cluster platform.  The decision was made from the depths of Seattle to partner with Clustercorp!  Clustercorp hangs its hat on providing commercial support and production packaged rolls for the Rocks cluster toolkit.  They provide support rolls for widely used HPC software tools, such as the OFED stack, TotalView and several major compilers.

This is huge, not only for Clustercorp, but for Cray.  Cray has traditionally hung out at the upper crust of HPC.  As such, their software stacks are born out of Chippewa.  Cray, one of the larger names in the supercomputing biz, will now utilize a widely accepted cluster package.

For more info, check out ClusterCorp’s booth in the SC08 hall [check the 100’s] or head over to their website. The official press releases are now live here and here.