How to kill OpenMP

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A post on Christian Terboven’s blog recently caught my attention

When I was asked to give an answer to the question of How to kill OpenMP by 2011 during the OpenMP BoF panel discussion at SC08, I decided against listing the most prominent issues and challenges OpenMP is facing. It turned out that the first two speakers – Tim Mattson from Intel and Bronis de Supinski from LLNL – did exactly this very well. Instead, my claim is that OpenMP is doing quite well today and we “just” have to continue in riding on the multi-core momentum by outfitting OpenMP with a little more features. Our group is pretty involved in the OpenMP community and I got the feeling that since around early 2008 OpenMP is gaining moment and I tried to present this in an entertaining approach. This is a brief textual summary of my panel contribution (please do not take all things too seriously).

It’s a good read if you are interested in the direction of the OpenMP community.