Intel announces new versions of HPC developer tools

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On Tuesday Intel announced that it was revving its workhorse developer tools for HPC

Intel logoToday, Intel announced updates to three software development tools designed to aid high performance computing (HPC) software developers. Major releases of Intel C++ Compiler 11.0 Professional Edition and Intel Fortran Compiler 11.0 Professional Edition for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows enable programmers to leverage parallelism to incorporate multicore, multi-threaded and 64-bit-enabled performance into their applications and include high performance libraries, which are also available separately. Additionally, the updated Intel Cluster Toolkit 3.2 offers the latest support for Message Passing Interface, standards and new platforms for HPC development. The products also include support for the soon-to-be-released Intel Core i7 processors. More information on these and other software development tools can be found at Intel Software Development Products.

I wrote a short feature on the announcement that talks about some of the details, including the MPI correctness checker (which is pretty neat), that should run at HPCwire in the next day or so. When its up I’ll put a link in here.


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