LSI/SGI Deliver Storage Upgrade to Red Storm

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Sandia National Laboratories has upgraded the storage subsystem attached to its Cray Red Storm supercomputer with an SGI InfiniteStorage 4600 solution.  The IS4600 is based on LSI Engenio 7900 HPC storage system.  The 280Tflop supercomputer gained twenty of the IS4600’s, comprising over 1.8 petabytes of capacity.

National laboratories use supercomputers to answer some of the nation’s most complex scientific and engineering questions,” said Jim Tomkins, a Senior Scientist/Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories. “In the case of Red Storm, we use it to run simulations that help us understand what is going on in a variety of complex areas. Storage is a key part of the overall system. It allows computations to be completed even though failures have occurred in the computer system, and is also used to store
the simulation results so that they can be examined later.

All told, the twenty storage systems will have the ability to sustain 70GB/s of throughput.  For more info on the big spindle delivery, read the full release here.