Mellanox, Dell and AMD Allow Access to Cluster

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As a part of the HPC Advisory Council, Mellanox, Dell and AMD have come together to jointly develop an HPC custer destined for open access.  The team will build a cluster composed of twenty-four Dell PowerEdge SC1435’s, AMD Opteron silicon and Mellanox Connect-X Infiniband adaptors.  The new cluster, named Osiris, will be dedicated to developing new applications and workload practices.

With the main goal of creating best practices within compute-intensive market segments, the HPC Advisory Council Cluster Center enables end users to benchmark their applications on industry-standard HPC environments,” said Gilad Shainer, director of technical marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “Our own experience tells us that InfiniBand-based solutions can significantly improve productivity in many different markets, so we are pleased to see the HPC Advisory Council driving new collaborative efforts to extend the benefits of HPC technologies by reducing procurement cycles and installation time and making pre-tuned application guidelines available.”

More information on gaining access to the machine can be found at the HPC Advisory Council’s website, here.  More info on the release can be found here.