Move over Detroit: SGI's brings concept computer to SC

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No flashing lights and rotating platforms though…yet. One of the (many) things SGI is talking about at SC this week is it’s Atom-processor based ‘Molecule’ concept computer.

SGI logoLike a futuristic concept car points to potential innovations in transportation, Silicon Graphics Molecule is a concept computer that illustrates how the latest low-watt, multi-core consumer electronics technology, such as the Intel® Atom™ processor, can be combined with breakthrough Silicon Graphics Kelvin cooling technology to pack more than 10,000 cores into a single rack.

Engineers at Silicon Graphics research labs developed the system to show how consumer electronics technologies and emerging marketplace trends might someday be applied to overcome the limits of today’s high-throughput clusters. The Silicon Graphics Molecule concept computer balances processor speed, sustained memory bandwidth, and power consumption. The system has been shown to deliver sustained results on scientific and business problems from seismic processing to rendering and distributed searching.

I like the concept, but I like the idea of talking about a concept that far out even better. Kudos.


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