SGI picks new tape library vendor

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During SC08 last week storage company Spectra Logic announced that Silicon Graphics has hitched their star (exclusively) to Spectra Logic’s wagon when it comes to tape libraries

Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, and Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) (NASDAQ: SGIC) announced today that Silicon Graphics has selected Spectra Logic as its tape library vendor. Due to a mutual focus on high-performance computing (HPC) and shared expertise in managing enterprise data sets, Silicon Graphics will exclusively resell Spectra Logic tape libraries.

…Silicon Graphics will resell Spectra Logic’s entire T-series library line from the SMB-sized T50e to the enterprise T950, which expands to eight frames and accommodates more than 10,000 slots and more than 16PB of storage archival capacity. All Spectra Logic libraries come standard with the BlueScale™ interface, which enables options such as AES-256 bit encryption; real-time power monitoring; remote management for multiple libraries; and Media Lifecycle Management health monitoring software, which ensures data integrity.

I spent quite a bit of time with Spectra Logic during the show and captured 45 minutes of audio with them. I’ll be editing that down, most likely for an extended audio piece and a feature article at HPCwire. Stay tuned for that.