Visual Numerics Releases v7 of IMSL Lib

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Visual Numerics today announced the release of their latest version of the IMSL C Numerical Library. Version 7.0 provides improved multi-core performance through the parallelization of many algorithms using OpeMP.  The release also adds a series of new algorithms to the mix.

This version 7.0 release of the IMSL C Library is one of our most ambitious product updates in recent years,” said Dr. Ed Stewart, IMSL Product Manager, Visual Numerics. “The performance improvements and new analytic capabilities should benefit both our extensive user community and developers looking for new analytic solutions.”

A short list of new features includes: a new Feynman-Kac algorithm, algorithms for optimizing text mining problems, faster random number generation and a new Kochanek-Bartels Cubic Splines implementation.

For more info on the new functions, read the full release here.