World's highest resolution tiled display for open science

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My pal Kelly getting some richly deserved recognition as the brains (and attitude) behind TACC’s multi-million pixel vision

“TACC just dedicated our newly transformed Visualization Laboratory in October, and now we’ve expanded ‘Stallion’ to almost double the effective resolution of the system to 307 million pixels,” said Kelly Gaither, associate director of data analysis and visualization at TACC. “This expansion makes Stallion the highest resolution tiled display in the world.”

The system features 75 high-resolution Dell 30″ displays, arranged in 15 columns of five displays each. Each display has a resolution of 2560×1600 for a combined total of 307 million pixels. With more than 36 gigabytes of graphics memory, 108 gigabytes of system memory, and 100 processing cores, Stallion enables datasets to be processed on a massive scale.

Michael Dell featured Kelly in a video during his keynote at SC this week (sadly, he didn’t ask me for b-roll).