Distributed Computing with NVIDIA Cuda

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NVIDIA cut a press release this morning highlighting their participation [as a vendor] in various distributed computing projects.  Using the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing [BOINC], researchers are tapping into the computational power sitting on the desks of every Dick and Jane NVIDIA user.

NVIDIA CUDA technology opens up processing power for scientific research that was previously unavailable and impossible for researchers to afford,” said Dr. David Anderson, Research Scientist U.C. Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory and founder of BOINC. “CUDA technology makes it easy for
scientists and researchers to optimize BOINC projects for NVIDIA GPUs and they are already using it for applications in molecular dynamics, protein structure prediction, climate and weather modeling, medical imaging, and many other areas.”

Projects include:

.: SETI@Home :”SETI@home, the largest BOINC project with nearly 200,000 active users, searches for extra terrestrial intelligence by using radio telescopes to listen for narrow-bandwidth radio signals from space.”

.: GPUGRID :” GPUGRID, the first BOINC project to use NVIDIA GeForce GPUs with CUDA technology for computing, utilizes NVIDIA-based graphics cards in participating PCs to compute high-performance biomolecular simulations for scientific research.”

.: Einstein@Home : ” NVIDA CUDA technology will soon be powering the third most widely used BOINC project, Einstein@Home, which uses distributing computing to search for spinning neutron stars (also called pulsars) using data from gravitational wave detectors.”

Very cool stuff.  For more info on the individual projects and how they’re using CUDA, read the full release here.


  1. Distributed.net has released a beta CUDA client for their RC5-72 project. One is a 64-bit linux client and one is an x86 mac client. Check it out!

  2. If you are interested in an easy way to get involved in projects such as Einstein@home and SETI@home. GridRepublic is the way to go. They work in collaboration with BOINC to make everything simple and just point and click.

    GridRepublic makes managing one or more than a hundred computers easy as 1,2,3. You can choose your project(s) and their settings with one log in from the GridRepublic site and soon to be able to controlled from Facebook with the GridRepublic application (to be released). Check out http://www.gridrepublic.org to get started.