insideHPC gives the big Hee Haw "sa-lute" to SC's 20 year vets

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If you were at SC08 this year you may have noticed a bunch of swells walking around sporting medals. These were the 20 year attendee vets. We highlighted the 20 year companies here already. Today we’d like to give a big Hee Haw “sa-lute” to these men and women who have been with the conference since the beginning

  • David Bailey
  • Mike Bernhardt
  • Bill Boas
  • Vito Bongiorno
  • Robert Borchers
  • Jim Bottum
  • Al Brenner
  • Maxine Brown
  • Bev Clayton
  • Jack Dongarra
  • John Gustafson
  • Fred Johnson
  • Olin Johnson
  • Kirk Jordan
  • Anne Marie Kelly
  • John Levesque
  • Allen Malony
  • Hans Meuer
  • Ken Miura
  • Ralph Roskies
  • Horst Simon
  • Rich Sincovec
  • Quentin Stout
  • Steve Wallach

This list includes past conference chairs and HPC luminaries, and we’re fortunate that the SC08 committee thought to recognize and institutionalize this list while it was still accessible.