insideHPC is packing up and moving to a new host

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So…I’ve been getting increasing emails from you faithful readers in recent months about “high load” errors at We are on a shared server, and for a variety of reasons (some related to an actual increase in readership…yay!) we are more and more often overloading our portion of the server.

In order to create a better experience for you guys, the tech wizards at Tabor are moving us to a more robust server in their collocation facility. This should mean a much more reliable experience when you come to

The move is going to take place this weekend. Tech wizard first class Tony has it all planned out, but you all know how plans go when computers are involved. During the move this weekend you may experience periods of unavailability, though we hope not. And it will take a day or two for the new address to propagate throughout the DNS and for you to pick us up at our new home.

So, bear with us starting on Saturday. If all goes well you won’t feel a thing (when was the last time you believed anyone who told you that?). But if you do, know that it’s all part of an effort to give you a better experience over the long term.

Thanks for your patience — John, John, and the entire Tabor juggernaut.