Intro to parallel programming: 3 things you must teach

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Intel Software College Architect Clay Breshears stars in a new training material at the Intel Software Network that covers

Intel logobasic content any professor should teach when introducing parlallel programming.  While not designed specifically for engineers, this content should also be of use for anyone seeking to understand the basicis of parallel programming on multi-core machines.  You can watch Clay teach these modules here.

As of this writing only the slide presentation is available, but hopefully they’ll get the video link repaired soon. Intel is making these modules available as part of its Intel Software College efforts

Intel Software College course architects are developing course modules designed to be used at the university level to help teach programming models, techniques and tools.  We are excited by this material and think that it would be valuable to software developers as well.

We will start making a number of these modules available today and roll more out in the future.  Please let us know what you think of the modules; your feedback is key to continuing this program.