NCSA, Nimbis Ink Agreement

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The National Center for Supercomputing Applications [NCSA] and Nimbis Services have announced a collaborative agreement to enhance the productivity of commercial organizations and their suppliers.  Nimbis will provide their customers access to the already vast computational, software and storage resources at NCSA, thereby lowering the investment risk for the respective commercial organizations.

Digital modeling and simulation provide benefits, like less expensive prototyping, for a wide range of industries, but the high level of expertise required is a barrier to entry for many companies, particularly smaller ones,” said NCSA’s Merle Giles, leader of the center’s Private Sector Program. “Through this collaboration with Nimbis, we believe we can streamline access to both hardware and software, enabling more companies to take advantage of the power of high-performance computing and enhancing productivity throughout the entire supply chain.”

InsideHPC had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Graybill, president and CEO of Nimbis Services.  He had this to say.

NCSA has a history performing joint R&D with major commercial companies,” said Robert Graybill, Nimbis president and CEO. “I am pleased to be working with NCSA to now help extend the benefits of digital analysis computing that these commercial companies enjoy to their suppliers by lowering the entry barriers.”

For more info on the collaboration, head over to the NCSA industry page here or check out the Nimbis Services homepage here.