Portland Group Announces PGI 8.0 Compilers

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The Portland Group recently announced the latest release, version 8.0, of its popular PGI compiler set.  This latest release for Linux, OSX and Windows includes full C and Fortran support for the OpenMP 3.0 standard.  The latest release also adds support for building and debugging applications for both Linux and OSX.  I think even more interesting is the initial support of automatic offloading of parallel computations to CUDA-enabled GPUs.  Cool!

Together with PGI Unified Binary technology, which enables developers to leverage the latest CPU innovations from both AMD and Intel while treating x64 processors as a single platform, the new features in PGI 8.0 maximize flexibility and independence for HPC users and large multi-platform supercomputing centers,” said Douglas Miles, director, The Portland Group.

For more info, read the full release here.