Rackable's new racks

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Last week Rackable announced a new “data center enclosure” for your gear. You can slot in either AMD or Intel servers, but they’ll have to be Rackable’s, since they are made to hold the company’s half-depth servers

Rackable logoMobiRack enclosures allow new levels of data center mobility and feature a, light weight plastic case that will protect Rackable Systems half-depth servers in the most challenging environments.

…“MobiRack is a self-contained, cabinet-level enclosure that combines servers, storage, networking, UPS and DC power distribution in one unit,” said Mark Barrenechea, president and CEO of Rackable Systems.

…MobiRack supports half-depth servers and storage to offer greater density and lighter weight in a mobile solution. A DC power option will assure operation even in environments with unreliable AC power. Front-facing server access ports provide convenient operation in space constrained environments. MobiRack enclosures offer massive configuration flexibility with more than 30 options for visual, functional and environmental alterations. MobiRack offerings include 5U, 11U, 14U and 16U racks with an impressive array of customizable options including color choices, handle design and air- and water-tight container capabilities. Ideal for harsh environments, the MobiRack is a build-to-order product that meets shock and vibration standards, including those required by the military and the Air Transportation Authority.

Colors…whee! It appears that the standard is gray; no word on what the other options might be from the web site. The company calls the MobiRack ideal for HPC, small offices, and combat zones, a combination of environments I wouldn’t necessarily have lumped together

“MobiRack truly frees users from the deployment limitations of fixed ‘brick and mortar’ data centers, and is ideal for fast HPC deployment, a small office data center, mobile trade shows and events, in disaster recovery and military environments.”

Pictures here; they look like big hard sided shipping containers that we ship A/V gear in when we’re going to SC.