UC and P&G Create Simulation Center

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The University of Cincinnati and Proctor & Gamble have announced a collaborative effort to develop a center of expertise in computer simulation.  The UC Simulation Center will provide P&G with cost-effective, high-value virtual modeling and simulation capacity and capability not currently found within the halls of P&G.  It will also serve as a pipeline for future technical talent.

The more virtual engineering we can do, the more we can save in terms of costs, time, engineering resources, etc. We can do far more parametric studies applying virtual models — such as different sizes and shapes — because there is no retooling of fabrication machines,” Professor Teik C. Lim, head of UC’s Mechanical Engineering Department, points out. “For example, this practice has been gaining popularity amongst major automotive companies like Ford, Mercedes and Toyota because they cannot afford to build several variations of the same car.”

For more info on the new collaboration, read the full release here at HPCWire.