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UCAR Releases VAPOR 1.4.2

UCAR has announced the latest release of the Visualization and Analysis Platform, or VAPOR application.  The new release, 1.4.2, is a minor release with fixes for a number of bugs introduced in version 1.4.0.

A few of the bugs fixed in this release:

.: Two-dimension data was not displaying correctly on all platforms. Problems were found in the command-line utilities: raw2vdf, vdf2raw, vdfcreate, wrf2vdf, and asciitf2vtf.

.: Data import was not working correctly on scenes with 2D variables.

.: Time step annotation was not correctly being captured in animation sequences

.: User interaction during unsteady flow integration was often resulting in corrupted visualizations.

For a complete list of squashed bugs, check out the sourceforge page here.  For more details on the development and target utilization, check out the VAPOR project homepage here.

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