10GbE for HPC Webinar

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Douglas Eadline has announced that he will moderate a wedinar dedicated to laying out the latest developments in 10GbE technology with respect to the HPC market.  We had quite a heated discussion some time ago on the same subject.

Traditionally Ethernet has been considered a low cost and good enough performance interconnect for clusters. Early data suggest that 10-Gigabit Ethernet may change this trend with higher performance and low latency. Topics will include current hardware implementations, physical media, switches, software, performance advantages and limitations

The seminar will feature Dan Tuchler, vice president of strategy and product management at BLADE Network Technologies, as the featured speaker.

Um, details?

What? Linux Mag 10GbE Webinar

Who? Anyone interested in 10GbE for HPC

Where? The web…

When? Wed, Jan 28, 2009; 11AM EST [8AM PST/3PM GMT]

For more details, check out Doug’s post on Linux Mag here.