Download Rocks for Solaris10 Alpha

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InsideHPC broke the news last October that the Rocks Cluster Toolkit guys were working on a port to the Solaris10 platform.  We’ve now uncovered a short blog post from the Sun 4HPCISV blog mentioning that the Rocks on Solaris10 [x86_64] is now available for download.  All you Solaris junkies can now download an alpha copy of the Rocks Cluster Toolkit.  This version includes:

1. A fully automated provisioning of Solaris compute nodes, and support for Thumper/Thor appliances from a Linux frontend.

2. Rolls support

3. MPI support using Sun HPC Cluster Tools

4. Sun Grid Engine support

If you’d like your own copy, head over to the download area here.  For more info on the download, read the full post here.