IBM Lays off 2,800, More on the Way?

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Yesterday, IBM announced that they have laid off some 2,800 employees.  According to reports, the cuts came in the Software and Sales/Distribution groups.  The IBM employee organization, Alliance@IBM, reported that 1,419 workers in the Software Group and another 1,449 in Sales were cut with this round.  Documents obtained by Allaince@IBM from internal company memos called the cut a “resource action.”

Unfortunately, the group also speculates that this is only the beginning.  Apparently, they have been contacted in recent weeks by employees of the IBM Systems and Technology Group, which manufactures the hardware systems for IBM.  Employees from three different sites said management had planned to cut 400 to 500 folks from each site.

The recent cuts fly in the face of record numbers for IBM in 2008.  Our hearts go out to those who were affected by the layoffs.  For more info, read the full article here.