Open Education Cup deadline draws near

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Reader Terrence Liao emailed me with a reminder that the deadline for the Open Education Cup is drawing near

The deadline (February 2, 2009) for submitting content to be included in the Open Education Cup 2008-2009 is soon here. Not only does submitting one or more entries to the Cup enter you into the competition for winning one of several $500 prizes; submitting an entry offers you the opportunity for global impact. You will also have a chance to win an NVIDIA Tesla C1060 card in the category best-of-best.

Go to to get up to speed on the contest and instructions for how to submit modules.

This is an outstanding effort, and if you are able to participate and gifted with the talent of teaching, I hope you will take part. Terrence also pointed out another effort

I also want to draw your attention to a complimentary program called the Undergraduate Petascale Education Program coordinated by Blue Waters. For more about UPEP visit

Leveraging/submitting the same content is permitted; in fact, it is encouraged since the objective of both programs is to make open educational material available to the masses.