Rackable Introduces MicroSlice Servers

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Rackable Systems has introduced its latest series of dense server platform based on some new technology they have developed, deemed MicroSlice.  They’re marketing the new platform is being marketed to those building large virtualization systems, web services and cloud computing.  The idea being that Rackable can do build out servers cheap enough to beat the cost of virtualization software.  According to the news release, they’ve broken the $500 per node threshold.

MicroSlice establishes a dramatic new, server price point while delivering the performance and server class features required by Cloud Computing and Web-based environments. This 80% per-server cost reduction yields a 51% improvement in price/performance — a welcomed relief for many IT departments struggling to scale their infrastructures despite reduced CapEx and OpEx budgets.

The MicroSlice enables Rackable to package 264 nodes drawing as few as 72watts each into a Rackable CloudRack.  Rather than utilizing hefty server processors such as the AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon, Rackable is using desktop processors from the likes of AMD.  This might make a very interesting ethernet-based cluster system.

For more info on the packaging architecture from Rackable, read the full release here.