REvolution Computing Makes `R` Available for Download

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REvolution Computing has announced today that they have made a public version of this REvolution R statistical analysis program available for download.  According to the release, they have added several significant performance enhancements to the base system.  Included in the enhancements are optimized libraries capable of boosting performance by a factor of 5 or 10 for commonly used functions.

In making our latest release of REvolution R available for download, REvolution Computing is providing all R users the ability to take advantage of optimized and validated software previously available only to commercial users,” said REvolution Computing CEO, Richard Schultz. “In a true commercial open source way, we have reached the point in our development that we are able to offer significant value to both sets of our community users – REvolution R for all users, and REvolution R Enterprise, with additional commercial-grade capabilities and support, available by annual subscription.”

REvolution also has an Enterprise version available that includes their ParallelR module for use in multiprocessor and clustered environments.  For more info on REvolution R or to grab a copy for yourself, check out the link here.