ScaleMP Announces Product Expansion

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ScaleMP announced today that their vSMP Foundation software will now support larger memory configurations and a new large cluster licensing option.  The vSMP platform allows customers to aggregate COTS x86 servers into a single, virtual systems geared towards HPC.  Before today’s announcement, it allowed one to aggregate up to 32 processor sockets and 1TB of shared memory.  The new offerings from ScaleMP will allow one to scale memory upwards of 4TB.

I am excited to announce the expansion of vSMP Foundation,” said Shai Fultheim, founder and CEO of ScaleMP. “Virtualization continues to drive efficiency and cost savings in the HPC market segment. By extending memory capacity to 4 TB shared RAM as well as providing an attractive offering for large cluster customers; ScaleMP continues to provide its customers with ways to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX.”

ScaleMP has some very interesting solutions to scaling SMPs on the cheap.  I’m curious to hear the thoughts from anyone running a ScaleMP in production.  Does it actually scale?  What are the latencies associated with a “virtual-smp?”  Let us know by leaving a comment.  Until then, you can read the full release here.