Survey finds banks plan to increase HPC spend in 2009

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IT analysis firm Waters published results from a survey earlier this week detailing the 2009 spend plans by banks for HPC. The survey was conducted by Platform Computing at the City#Grid exhibition in London last month.

Platform’s survey of senior IT executives at 35 financial services firms highlights that cost reduction (54 percent) and meeting the increased risk management need (23 percent) are the primary reasons for banks to invest in HPC solutions in 2009.

According to the survey, “virtualization” will be the watchword for banks in 2009 as it is considered the infrastructure priority by the majority of banks (54 percent) in 2009 compared to HPC (17 percent), cloud computing (14 percent) and service-oriented architecture (12 percent).

The same pool of executives thinks that cloud computing isn’t going to really take off until 2010, mostly because it is early and ill-defined.


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