Taiwan U becomes CUDA center of excellence

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From NVIDIA late last week comes news of the latest CUDA center of excellence

nVidia logoNVIDIA Corporation and National Taiwan University (NTU), one of the world’s leading research universities, today announced that NTU has been named as Asia’s first CUDA Center of Excellence. NTU earned this title by formally adopting NVIDIA GPU Computing solutions across its research facilities and integrating a class to teach parallel computing based on the CUDA® architecture into its educational curriculum.

The other centers of excellence already named are at the U of Utah, and U of Illinois (which was the first). You may recall from earlier reporting at this site that

Universities wishing to become CUDA Centers of Excellence must teach a CUDA class and use CUDA technology in their research, usually across several labs. In return, NVIDIA supports the school through funding and equipment donations, including help to set up a GPU computing cluster.


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