Tesla GPU seminar coming up

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Last week while I was traveling Cluster Monkey posted an announcement about a Tesla seminar this week, hosted by NVIDIA and Microway.

nVidia logoThe key presenter is Sumit Gupta, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager of Tesla GPU Computing at Nvidia. Dr. Gupta will present an in-depth talk on GPU Computing and the CUDA parallel programming model with support for OpenCL. Participants will learn about:

  • WhisperStation-PSC Tesla Personal Supercomputer
  • NumberSmasher High Density S1070 GPU Clusters
  • How to achieve TFLOPS supercomputing performance with GPUs.
  • One lucky participant will be chosen during the GPU Webinar to win an NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Computing Processor (valued at over $1600!)

Tune in at 11 AM PST, 2 PM Eastern on the 22nd. Register here.