University of Canterbury First to Teach Supercomputing in Australasia

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The University of Canterbury will become the first institution in Australasia to teach high performance computing.  The initial offering will include four courses designed to teach students how to use the latest in parallel computing technology and computer architectures.

This development shows UC to be at the forefront of high performance computing in New Zealand and reflects our recognition that 21st century students need 21st century skills,” said Professor Tim David, Director of the Centre for Bioengineering, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Canterbury will be the only university in the country to have high performance computing in its curriculum.”

Its always good to hear of universities offering official coursework in high performance computing.  For more info on the new courses, read the full release here.


  1. Maybe in New Zealand but certainly not Australiasia. That is a big call by the Uni. Of Cant. perhaps for serving self interests The Australian National University has had HPC subjects within their curriculum for years through their ANU Supercomputing Facility and the APAC partnership. My Comp.Sci. Degree saw me major in Advanced Computing Architectures and Parallel Concepts back at the start of 1990 back at a university in Melbourne, Australia.