Will NCSA be stiffed on state funds to house Blue Waters?

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Now, this is interesting, in a “gee I’m glad that’s not my problem” kind of way.

Article on Friday of last week in the Chicago Sun-Times that gives broader voice to a question the University of Illinois trustees have been asking about the money Gov. Blagojevich promised

When the University of Illinois won a $208 million federal grant to build the nation’s fastest supercomputer, Gov. Blagojevich said the state would kick in money for a building to house it.

But 17 months later, the school is wondering if it will ever see the money.

This is all part of the $208M NCSA super (“Blue Waters”) award that was much in the news last year (here, for example, but there are dozens of others). Evidently the university issued bonds to start construction, and is now wondering whether that might not have been jumping the gun.

But sparring over a capital budget, the governor’s impeachment hearings and an uncertain budget picture in Springfield have left officials unsure whether they will be left holding the bag.


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