Butte is Open for Business

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Officials at the Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Center have announced that their new IBM supercomputer is ready for business. The new Butte, Montana supercomputing center was built to spur economic development in the region and assist researchers from across the state.

We deliver these resources, these supercomputing resources in a new on-demand fashion. Pay by the click, pay by the bit, pay by the byte and you put this all together and it gives you a unique value proposition to go out for the state to help attract new business. For businesses that are already here, it flattens the playing field for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses,” [Earl] Dodd [RMSC’s IBM contractor] said.

RMSC expects to hold an open house event sometime in early April.  Until then, Montana’s CBS news station has a short video clip on the machine floor.  For more info or to watch the clip, check out the source article here.


  1. For a supercomputer center whose many press releases indicate they are “open for business” (as of Feb/March 2009), I’m curious why Google searches for an actual RMSC web site come up blank except for numerous press releases and newspaper articles? How can you be open for business and have either no web site, or one that does not readily show up via a Google search? Thanks.

  2. John West says

    Hmmmm. I couldn’t find one either, Joe. Odd.