Concurrent Thinking updates cluster appliances

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UK-based Concurrent Thinking announced this week the release of the latest version of their cluster appliances. From the release

…these bring unprecedented simplicity to the process of installing and managing HPC clusters for systems integrators and administrators and utilise new features, which include:

  • Building clusters just by using the appliance
  • Wizard for configuring cluster and appliance
  • Simple add or replace nodes
  • Stand-alone management and imaging
  • Backup and restore for cluster front-ends and compute nodes
  • Improved management of monitoring data
  • Support for multiple Linux flavours
  • Support for multiple sub-systems

These features are supported within the concurrentCOMMAND and concurrentCONTROL appliances. The appliances provide a comprehensive infrastructure for managing third-party servers through a Web 2 GUI or command line interface. Scalable imaging capabilities allow system integrators and end-users to image complete clusters in near constant time, regardless of the number of compute nodes, while an O/S independent content management system offers the ability to configure and manipulate images with pre-defined HPC content.