EuroPVM/MPI 2009

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For my pals across the Atlantic, and those on this side with passports and itchy travel accounts, EuroPVM/MPI 2009 just announced its call for papers. In case you aren’t familiar

PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) and MPI (Message Passing Interface) have become the standard interfaces for high-performance parallel programming in the message-passing paradigm. EuroPVM/MPI is the most prominent meeting dedicated to the latest developments of PVM and MPI, their use, including support tools, and implementation, and to applications using these interfaces. The EuroPVM/MPI meeting also encourages discussions of new message-passing and other parallel and distributed programming paradigms beyond MPI and PVM.

The conference is organized by the CSC- IT center for science, and, as I recall, my pal Richard Alexander works out there on the sunny side of the Alps. The CFP is here. Papers due by April 8.


  1. Hi,

    almost correct… Richard Alexander (whom I also know) works indeed out there on the sunny side of the Alps, at CSCS (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, but EuroPVM/MPI 2009 will be organized by CSC – IT Center for Science ( located in Espoo, Finland.

    We have good connections to CSCS, both using Crays, both members of CUG etc.

    Best regards,


  2. John West says

    Joni – oops, thanks for the correction. That’s what I get from typing without Googling first.