NMCAC and Dreamworks/Cerelink Collaboration

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The New Mexico Computing Applications Center has announced a collaboration with media firms DreamWorks Animation SKG and Cerelink DMG to explore the development of a cloud computing service for computer generated film rendering.  The collaboration would virtually expand the DreamWorks render farm out to a cluster in New Mexico during peaks times of concern.

Richard Draper, Managing Partner of Cerelink DMG said, “With the technical innovation and real world
computing demands of DreamWorks Animation, we’re bringing the future of cloud computing to New
Mexico. This effort is expected to create new opportunities and demand for New Mexico-based talent
and services within the digital media sector.”

Part of the project has been to push the high performance data networks into the offices of Hollywood via the National Lambda Rail.

DreamWorks Animation has a rich history in technical innovation for film production”, said Ed Leonard,
CTO of DreamWorks Animation. “We’re excited about working with Cerelink to explore bringing cost-
effective and scalable on-demand computing to meet our needs.”

Very interesting stuff.


  1. One wonders how such a deal full fills the following…

    “The SGI Altix 8200 computer has been acquired to assist New
    Mexico high tech business and to support science and
    technology education in New Mexico as part of the
    Governor’s vision for development and education.”

    since Dreamworks isn’t a NM based company, nor is this an
    educational function.

    I don’t live in NM, but if I did I would be wondering what
    was going on with my tax money?

    Certainly if Dreamworks wants to utilized cloud/grid
    like services there are already many businesses
    already established to take their money and provide
    cycles? The last time I looked NM doesn’t need to
    subsidize Hollywood.

  2. Elizabeth Cadre says

    The Encanto computer (NMCAC) has only been up & running since last January. They’re still scrambling to get funding for Gateway hardware that is planned for use at New Mexico’s Universities.
    The article seems to read that Hollywood is subsidising New Mexico, not the other way ’round.
    Also, our Governor is strongly encouraging the film industry in our state. (If L.A. is “Hollywood”, and Mumbai is “Baliwood”, Albuquerque is fast becoming known as “Tamalewood”)
    So if New Mexico can sell a few hours of as-needed processing, that’s a few bucks more toward the staff and equipment needed to further the STEM, and other programs in our state, to encourage and teach our children.
    …in NM

  3. Elizabeth [et.al], indeed the article is somewhat cryptic. After constructing the original post based on an early version of the press release, we had to retract and rewrite. Since then, they have issued clarification statements. Essentially, Cerelink and Dreamworks won’t initially be running on Encanto [not that they won’t later]. They also have “inked” any hard contracts yet. This is simply a baby-step test run to ensure the idea is even possible [or plausible].