ORNL & Morehouse to Offer Supercomputing Class

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Morehouse College computer science seniors now have their own supercomputing class in the catalogue.  The course, High-Performance Scientific Computing, is being taught in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Lab.  The course is taught by Amos Johnson, assistant professor of computer science at Morehouse, on campus.  Robert Whitten, of NCCS, and Brian Worley, director of Computational Sciences and Engineering Division, will deliver lectures will telecomunnications.

We are confident that the course — which focuses on high-performance computers — will give rise to meaningful ideas and solutions to scientific and engineering problems,” said Morehouse President Robert M. Franklin Jr. “We are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking endeavor.”

The sixteen students currently enrolled in the program will also get the chance to make three trips to ORNL in order to participate in research activities run on Jaguar.  Very cool stuff!  Kudos to those at ORNL/NCCS and Morehouse for spearheading this effort.

For more info on the new HPC course, read the full article here.


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