SDSC Completes Major Storage Upgrade

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The San Diego Supercomputing Center has announced that they have completed a major upgrade to their archival storage system.  The tape-based archival now operates with a capacity of 36 petabytes.  The upgrade brought in thirty-two IBM EU6 tape drives which can store 1 terabyte of data uncompressed.  The upgrade increased archive capacity by 43%.  In addition to pure archive, SDSC also has 3 petabytes of online disk storage.

Having adequate amounts of storage capacity for this deluge of digital information is becoming a major issue for every one of us, whether we are in academia, government, or commerce,” said Richard Moore, Deputy Director of SDSC.

Data archival is very important to the folks at SDSC.  They host quite an array of data collections for a variety of communities.  Astronomical observations, images of the human brain, data from earthquake simulations the Protein Data Bank are all housed at SDSC.

For more info on SDSC’s data archive, read the full release here.