SGI Wins Six of Seven for TI-09

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SGI has just announced that they have been awarded six of seven designated systems as a part of the Department of Defense’s High Performance Computing Modernization Program [HPCMP] Technology Insertion 2009 [TI-09].  The multi-year award constitututes roughly $40 million in compute, storage, software and services.  The systems will plop down at the Army Research Lab [ARL], the Army Engineer Research and Development Center [ERDC], Air Force Research Lab [AFRL], Arnold Engineering Development Center [AEDC] and the Naval Surface Warfare Center [NSWC].

Silicon Graphics is honored to provide these premier DOD facilities with the high-performance compute, storage and service solutions needed to handle some of the most advanced computing challenges in the world,” said Silicon Graphics CEO Robert “Bo” Ewald. “Securing these TI-09 awards required Silicon Graphics to prevail in a competitive evaluation involving numerous major HPC vendors. As we move forward with implementation and long-term support of these solutions, we’ll work to ensure that DOD researchers and programs get the most from them.”

The award will include several SGI Altix ICE systems based on Intel’s next generation Xeon processor, Nehalem.  AFRL and AEDC will take delivery of Altix 4700 shared memory systems.  There was no individual mention in the release to the scale of each system.

To achieve breakthroughs in designing and testing next-generation
materials and weapons systems, DOD researchers require high-performance
systems that are scalable and reliable,” said Cray Henry, director of the
HPCMP for the Department of Defense. “Throughout our evaluation process,
Silicon Graphics clearly demonstrated that it more than met these criteria. In
addition, the DOD and HPCMP share a long history with Silicon Graphics. These
major contracts will extend our partnership for years to come.”

Congrats to SGI for picking up a big win in the mod-office.  According to the release, the systems have to be delivered, installed and accepted by September 15th, so they better get crackin’.

For more info, read the full release here.


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  1. Don’t forget that in addition to deploying these 6 systems, they’ll be preparing quotes & benchmarks for the TI10 systems at the same time…