SiCortex matriculates at Cambridge [UPDATED]

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(No, I used it right. I looked it up.) Today HPC vendor SiCortex announced that they’ve sent their boy to college, old world style

SiCortex logoThe SiCortex system at the University of Cambridge will power computational chemistry research program code development and will be poised to help solve some of the most pressing chemical physics problems.

“I anticipate utilizing the SiCortex system to complete parallel calculations that explore the energy landscapes of atomic and molecular clusters, biomolecules and glass formers,” said Professor David Wales, the principal researcher who will be interfacing with the SiCortex system in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. “We will also use the SiCortex system to investigate fundamental reaction mechanisms on metal surfaces, which form the basis of industrial catalytic processes.”

Strangely, the release doesn’t say how big the machine is. I’ll ask and let you know. [UPDATE: It’s the deskside SC072.]